Gear Reviews Go Better with Wine

I drink a fair amount of wine. I am drinking wine now. It’s a nice, inexpensive  California Cab, Lesse-Fitch. I buy it for around $8 at World Market when they have 30% off a half case sale. I’m not a wine aficionado; rather I am a wine drinking aficionado. I’d score myself around a 4.5; a pretty good wine drinker.

I’ve noticed that wine goes good with gear reviews or almost anything else you are doing, except working out. So tonight we are going to review some European gear. It seems fitting as I have just returned from a business trip to London. Over the years I’ve had to buy quite a few wine glasses. While I am a good wine drinker, I kinda suck at holding a wine glass without breaking it. I decided to seek out a wine glass that could hold a significant amount of red wine, felt great in my hand and, if it ever should leave my hand, had the best chance of survival!

Behold  the German-made Schott Zweisel Tristan Crystal Stemware collection! Leese Fitch sold separately! James Laube from Wine Spectator calls this the perfect wine glass. Elegant weight, attractively thin glass with a sturdy stem, this glassware has withstood Daly use without any casualties in six months!

Good Glass and Wine
Schott Zweisel and Leese-Fitch – A Great Pairing

So, the next time you are in the market for some new wine gear, consider this completely lead-free  crystal glass, manufactured using the most environmentally sensitive technology available. Schott Zwiesel crystal glass is the leading choice among wine connoisseurs the world over.

Schott Zwiesel crystal glass has added titanium for strength and added zirconium for crystal clarity, making it dishwasher safe for years of enjoyment.

For gear reviews or any occasion, Schott Zwiesel crystal glass is sure to impress.


Product Review : Live Out There Chamonix Down Jacket

I haven’t owned a down puffy since before the term “puffy” came into vogue but since I was planning a short hiking vacation to Santa Fe, NM in December, I thought I’d do a bit of gear research and buy some new down.  I scoured all my traditional haunts like Patagonia, Marmot and Mountain Hardware, which based on the lack of space in my closet, have all been good to me over the years. Then I happened upon a short story on Gearjunkie about a company named Live Out There and decided to give their line a look.

Live Out There’s Mission is “Get The World Outside.” CEO Jamie Clark, has been a successful “brick and mortar” retailer from Calgary, Alberta Canada for years and he has come to believe that the main obstacle keeping people from going outside is the high cost of the gear. He wants to make great gear at fair prices so people can pursue their outdoor passion wearing quality gear while having a few bucks left over to actually use getting outside! In order to do that, he’s leading a retail revolution, cutting out the middle man and selling directly to his customers online.

He is also giving customers data to make an informed purchase, which I find quite refreshing. “Transparency is Power” and I applaud Jamie’s approach. So a few days before flying off to Santa Fe, NM, I received my Chamonix Down Jacket.

PhilTammy Santa Fe Plaza Dec 2017
Wintry shopping day on the Plaza in Santa Fe, NM

My wife is a Patagonia fan and she certainly rocks her Patagonia down sweater but I’m sporting a puffy that I think competes head to head and is cheaper by about the price of a really nice meal at il piatto , an Italian farmhouse kitchen off the square in downtown Santa Fe! In addition to the pricing, I also like the product comparison tables on the Live Out There website. Check it out; it’s an education in supply chain economics.

Filled with 800 Fill power, 100% Traceable Goose Down insulation with a water-resistant shell that conveniently stuffs into its own inner stash pocket, I have been impressed with the jacket.  I appreciate the attention to details like hem shock cord adjusters which cinch up the bottom of the jacket on those windy days and a zipper garage that keeps the cold metal zipper off your skin when you zip up the collar.

I’d encourage you to check out when you’re considering making your next gear purchase. Get some great gear and save a few bucks. See you Outside!

P.S. While in Santa Fe, Tammy and I stopped by and visited with the nice folks at Outside magazine. Thanks Will!