Toes in the Sand

Have you ever dreamed of walking on a deserted stretch of beach with your significant other? Tick that incredible box for me! My wife and I just returned from our first trip to Hawaii and I’m still in beach heaven. If you get a chance to visit Kauai, get yourself a Jeep and make your way to Polihale beach on Kauai’s southwest side. Stroll to your hearts content along this 7 mile stretch, and on most days, you won’t say hello to anyone!

IMG_8467Polihale is the site of ancient Hawaiian temple ruins, originally constructed at a point over the ocean where Hawaiians believed the souls of the dead departed for Po, the underworld. It was otherworldly for us, far from the pace of our everyday life. It’s also otherworldly in the sense that it’s unlike much of Kauai, which is one of the rainiest spots on this earth, Polihale is hot and dry and seems like a place on the edge of the Sahara.


This is a place for long walks along the shore where dipping your toes in is more advisable than a full body immersion. Strong currents and big waves make for a tough swim but I could sit for hours watching the surfers ply their trade atop magnificent, rolling mountains of sea. Spend a few hours here and you will come away different. Walking on the edge of this underworld certainly made our world right again.